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5 most beautiful villages in the Golfe of Saint-Tropez

The reputation of the Golfe of Saint-Tropez is well established, an idyllic landscape with your feet in the water, so many beautiful things to see that it is practically impossible to visit everything during your vacation. Thus, we have selected the 5 most beautiful villages to visit first during your stay.

First, here are some tips for visiting these villages:

Forget the car: many of the roads are pedestrian and too narrow for cars. Moreover, in summer huge number of tourists visit these beautiful villages and enjoy the beach which consequently gives a lot of traffic jams.

Crowds: as we have just mentioned many tourists visit the Côte d'Azur during the summer holidays, the ideal would be to go to these places out of season if this is not possible then limit travel by car opted for shuttle boats (more information at the end of this article). If, however, you want to go for a drive: avoid the seaside and the beach roads at peak times (from 10 a.m. in the morning and 5 p.m. in the evening). In addition, if you are caught in the slowdowns, be patient and never cut the road at the risk of causing an accident with a two-wheeler.

Information points: stop at information points or tourist offices, where you will find suggested routes for visiting the villages.

Get lost: the best way to visit is to get lost. The villages are not very big, you will find your way easily and this will allow you to come across alleys that are not necessarily indicated.

1. Gassin

Ranked among "the most beautiful villages in France" Gassin is a very flowery and colorful village. It is a real pleasure to stroll through the alleys of the village while admiring one of the most beautiful viewpoints over the Golfe of Saint-Tropez.

Gassin is located 1h10 from Villa B (excluding slowdowns)

2. Ramatuelle

Ramatuelle is very close to Gassin, both geographically and historically. Perched on a hill, the village also offers a beautiful view of the bay of Saint-Tropez and the vineyards. Also take the time to admire the Notre Dame Church built in the 16th century and very typical of the region.

Ramatuelle is located 1h10 from Villa B (excluding slowdowns)

3. Grimaud

Flowery with narrow streets and a medieval Provençal style, the villages of the Golfe of Saint-Tropez are similar but very different. The village of Grimaud has particularities which make it very picturesque. This is where the first church in the Golfe was built. In the village, you can find the ruins of the castle which are accessible to the public, moreover the views of the ruins are remarkable.

Grimaud is located 1 hour from Villa B (excluding slowdowns)

4. Port Grimaud

Described as the “Venice of Provence”, Port Grimaud was built close to the water, with canals and bridges to connect the streets of the village. Climb to the top of the St Francis of Assisi church to admire the most beautiful view of Port Grimaud. You can also rent an electric boat for 1 hour to really visit Port Grimaud and its canals. Please note, it is impossible to drive into the village, a paying car park is located at the entrance to the village.

Port-Grimaud is located 1 hour from Villa B (excluding slowdowns)

5. Saint-Tropez

The reputation of St-Tropez is well established, known for parties, celebrities, and its large villas, it is also a very pretty village in Provence full of charm and authenticity. Eating an ice cream on the port, playing boules on the Place des Lices or even strolling in the Citadelle, St-Tropez will charm you for sure.

Saint-Tropez is located 1h10 from Villa B (excluding slowdowns)

However, as we wrote to you at the beginning of this article, the Golfe of Saint-Tropez is a very popular destination for tourists. If you want to avoid traffic jams, turn to the shuttle boats called the Green Boats to visit the villages by the sea (St-Tropez, Port-Grimaud, Ste-Maxime, etc.). The ideal is to park your car in Sainte-Maxime (located 50 minutes from Villa B) and go to the port to take a green boat that will take you to the village of your choice. You will find all the information on the green boats here, you can also book your tickets online to avoid waiting at the entrance to the boats.


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