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Grasse: Fragrant getaway

Located in France, Grasse is a city in the heart of Provence.

The world capital of perfumery is synonymous with sweetness. When we think of Grasse, we think of Fragonard, Galimard, Molinard and the small perfume shops that line the old town as well as authentic know-how that goes beyond our borders.

We therefore take you to meet this city and these sweets of Provence.

The city of perfume

According to the writer Francis de Croisset, "Grasse is the only city in the world where the word factory is poetic". And this is due to its perfume factories and perfume flower gardens! Grasse offers numerous awakening activities around the senses, perfumes and scents of the Pays de Grasse, as well as creative, fun, educational and recreational activities for individuals wishing to learn more about the world of perfumery as well as for professionals. Ready for a sensory experience in Grasse?

You can start your visit by musée international de la parfumerie. From Antiquity to the present day, you will be able to discover the different existing know-how and the techniques used over the centuries. Beyond odors, you will be able to explore the processes of all products around perfumery: whether it is make-up or soaps for example. The other asset of this museum is obviously its gardens, Les Jardins du MIP which can also be visited. Indeed, the cultivation of flowers is no longer as present as before in the Grasse region. Today, flowers are grown and imported from more distant countries. To be able to perpetuate this tradition around Grasse, the International Museum of Perfumery has its own gardens where the flowers used as raw material are grown.

Price: €4 per person

Also note that the museum regularly organizes guided tours as well as events.

You can also visit the historic factory and the perfumery museum Fragonard . The historic factory can be visited free of charge and will allow you to discover the place where the thousands of Fragonard products are made, between perfumes and soaps. It is also possible to visit the flower factory in Grasse. It's a nice show that will be offered to you and a stroll full of sweetness in a garden of perfumed plants. The perfect opportunity to learn more about the world of perfumery and the historical know-how of the Fragonard house.

But it is not only the Fragonard house in Grasse. The reputation of perfumes Galimard and Molinard is also no longer to be done. In addition, know that in Grasse, you can also create your own perfume alongside professionals. Contact the Fragonard, Galimard or Molinard perfumeries to find out the conditions of each of the perfumers. It is a workshop that is likely to awaken all your senses and allow you to take a first step into the world of creation and perfumery.

The city of Grasse

Grasse is a city known worldwide for its perfume and flavoring industry. It is labeled a city of art and history and its 11th century city takes you on a journey through time between its 13th century cathedral and episcopal palace, 17th and 18th century mansions, alleys and fountains, breathtaking panoramas. breath and ancient habitat.

To immerse yourself in the culture, history and heritage of the city of Grasse, we recommend that you discover the Fragonard art museum. You will be able to discover the life and career of the great painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Child of the country of Grasse, he alone represents the French art of the 18th century. And even today his name continues to shine in the city of Grasse and around the world.

We obviously recommend that you stroll through the streets of the old town to discover the typical restaurants and small shops of Grasse. Stop, for example, at Place du 24 avril in old Grasse to see the city live and teem.

Grasse all year round

You are probably wondering when is the best time to visit Grasse. The good news is that the Grasse region can be visited all year round, in summer and winter! Everything obviously depends on your preferences in terms of seasons and crowds.

The weather will obviously be better between April and October. The sun is generally omnipresent at this time of the year on the Côte d'Azur. However, if you want to benefit from higher temperatures to stroll around the city of Grasse with lightness, we recommend that you come in July or August. It is also the time of year when it is most crowded. Indeed, many tourists come to enjoy the wonders of Grasse during the summer. School holidays are therefore to be avoided if you want to enjoy your visit serenely. Whatever your choice, we promise you will not regret your visit to Grasse!

From mid-January to March, you can enjoy the Mimosa route. Symbol of the touristic Côte d'Azur, the Mimosa route extends over 130 kilometers and obviously passes through Grasse! On this occasion, the city offers several activities throughout the period.

Later in April, the Rally of the Country of Grasse Flowers and Perfumes takes place. To stay sporty, the city of Grasse continues with the Grasse Tennis Open between April and May.

In mid-May, you can participate in a special weekend: that of the Expo Rose! The city of Grasse honors rose creators and producers for a weekend. Admission is 5 euros to discover the city of Grasse in a different light: it's a garden that opens up to you! You can then discover floral exhibitions, festive events and of course savor the smell of the streets scented with roses.

At the beginning of June, the garden meeting takes place in Grasse. Head for the first weekend of August then to discover a much-awaited party in Grasse! That of the jasmine festival. It's a whole program that revolves around jasmine for 3 days inviting you to multiple colorful, fragrant, and even musical activities. In addition, flower distributions are even organized in the streets of Grasse during this special weekend.

Ready to experience an olfactory stay? To find out about the activities during your stay, go to the website of the ville de Grasse

The city of Grasse is located 1h30 from Villa B


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