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Recipes - Provencal food

The beautiful Provence is full of colorful products that assert themselves in the kitchen. A rich and delicious cuisine based on olive oil, fragrant herbs, garlic and various herbs. Provençal cuisine is characterized by the abundant use of ingeniously associated vegetables to compensate for the lack of meat, too expensive in the poor Provence of yesteryear. However, before enjoying a Provençal dish as it should be, it is important to find the right products that will give life to our culinary creations. It is in this process that our local producers intervene. So ready for a 100% Provençal meal idea (from appetizer to dessert)?


For a Provençal aperitif we prepare our eggplant caviar (recipe below) and we buy the anchoïade and the tapenade at Catrice Gourmet. Serve with croutons or vegetables.

Download the recipe

Eggplant caviar
Download PDF • 702KB


A light starter but rich in flavor with the traditional Pistou Soup (recipe below).

Download the recipe

Pistou soup
Download PDF • 823KB


To continue this 100% Provençal meal, the Millefeuille of round zucchini and goat cheese made with basil curry will delight your taste buds and bring freshness (recipe below).

Download the recipe

Zucchini millefeuille
Download PDF • 745KB


Finally, to end on a sweet note, nothing better than Calissons de Provence from Angèle Confiserie accompanied by white figs from Salernes that can be found at the Lou Figoun association (depending on the season). If you want to eat white figs all year round then go to the Chocolaterie Lisandre which offers semi-candied or candied figs.

And here is an idea for a 100% Provençal meal with local products. Obviously, we have not mentioned the drinks, it remains at your convenience, however nothing better than a pastis or a glass of rosé to accompany this meal. To know our favorite winegrowers, visit our blog article here

Thee addresses of our local produceurs

Anchoïade & tapenade : Catrice Gourmet

Address: Zone artisanale La Combe, 83690 Salernes

Phone: +33 4 94 70 56 18

Olive oil: Coopérative Oléicole La Salernoise – Moulin du château

Address: rue du château, 83690 Salernes

Phone: +33 4 94 70 62 59


Market of Salernes (Wednesday & Sunday), Market of Lorgues (Thuesday & Friday), Market of Flayosc (Monday)

Goat cheese : Le Jas du Vignal

Address: chemin de Provence – Route de barjols, 83690 Sillans-la-Cascade

Phone: +33 7 81 67 50 83

Calissons de Provence : Angèle Confiserie Bio

Address: Zone artisanale La Combe, 83690 Salernes

Phone: +33 4 94 50 69 25

White figs of Salernes : Lou Figuon

Address: Quartier de la Basse Mude, 83690 Salernes

Phone: +33 7 86 71 66 23

Candied fig: Chocolaterie Lisandre

Address: 3064 route de Draguignan, 83690 Salernes

Phone: +33 9 53 26 29 80

Do you want to know other addresses of producers? Download the Terroir Gourmand Guide here


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